The garden has 75 plots, all of which are currently rented. Registration for returning members takes place in February, after which time we will know whether we have any plots available for rent. The waitlist has priority for plots that are not renewed. We contact people in order of the date of application, but please be aware that we always have more people on the waitlist than plots available, so you may have to wait more than a year before your name comes up.

Before adding your name to our waitlist, we encourage you to read our General Information, as well as Rules & Responsibilities. You will find those links on the Homepage. Belonging to a community garden involves commitment so please take some time to consider your lifestyle and obligations. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Do you have the time and the physical capability to do the digging and heavy lifting necessary? Are you able to visit your garden plot weekly for weeding and maintenance and more often for watering during the hot days of summer?
  2. Are you willing to devote time to both your assigned tasks and the mandatory work bee? Our community garden require that you devote approximately 10 hours per season to the care and maintenance of the common areas.
  3. Are you a person who likes to work communally with others?

Still interested? Then sign up here!